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      Born in Birmingham, Alabama to Rufus and Gertrude Collier, she is the seventh child of seven children. 

             After graduating from Western-Olin High School, she attended Alabama A&M and Miles Colleges, majoring in English; has a BA Degree in Evangelism from the Bold Christian University in Bedford, TX, and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the GMOR Theological Institute, Houston, TX.






          Her career began at the renowned REGAL THEATRE, Chicago, after winning first place on the Al Benson Talent Show in 1960.  She was discovered by CHESS RECORD scout, Ralph Bass, and received a recording contract. She has performed in many major cities at such places as the UPTOWN THEATRE (Philadelphia, PA), HOWARD THEATRE (Washington, DC); APOLLO THEATRE (Harlem, NY), REGAL THEATRE (Chicago), and many other nightclubs extending the United States.


          To create leaders who will assist people in building relationships that respond to peoples' needs .  I wish to present Christ in a contemporary, creative, credible and caring way to all people in an environment where those in the community can grow to their full potential in Christ.  These needs will include literacy programs, the arts, computer skills, music, drug rehabilitation etc.   Meeting  and culiminating with all groups coming together for Sunday worship.

  • Pastor Mitty Collier
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